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The Tow and Blow portable wind machine is the first truly portable, easy-to-use wind machine. 

Tow and Blow wind machine blowing over an orchard

Its light weight and slim design allow it to be towed by a pickup, tractor, or even a quad.  The low profile allows it to be placed wherever it is needed.  It is also the first wind machine designed where the fan can be used in continuous 360° rotation, oscillation, or blow in a fixed direction.  

Equipped with its own motor, the Tow and Blow can be set up to run without requiring a tractor PTO.  It is powered by a Honda engine and runs on propane using approximately 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour, making it the most efficient wind machine available. 

The Tow and Blow is also the world’s most portable wind machine.  To use the Tow and Blow, simply:

  • Tow it wherever needed
  • Pull out the outriggers and level the unit
  • Raise the hydraulic arm to place the fan in the air
  • Start the machine

No tools or special equipment necessary.  For safety reasons, the Fan can only run when the hydraulic arm and fan are in the upmost position.

This machine is designed to work in a variety of industries.