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The Tow and Blow is ideal for frost protection. 

The machine is easily towed anywhere in your orchard or vineyard and set up.  It requires no concrete foundation or footing of any kind, which means it can be moved as your needs change without any special equipment or added cost.  The Tow and Blow’s low-profile design also means that it can be placed almost anywhere and set up to run without pulling out trees/vines or removing trellis wire. 

Compared to traditional wind machines, the Tow and Blow is much more efficient and quiet.  This machine has been engineered to maximize the amount of air movement generated by the engine by using the combination of a high-flow 3-blade fan, air-straightening vanes (which eliminate the energy loss due to swirling air), and a shroud (which increases the efficiency of the fan by nearly 95% when compared to non-shrouded fans).  This translates to more wind speed and a higher volume of air being moved.


The Honda V-twin engine uses much less fuel than the traditional engines used (1.5 gallons per hour vs. 5-10 gallons per hour).  This provides a significant cost savings to run the Tow and Blow, but also makes the Tow and Blow the quietest wind machine available.

Noise Pollution:

The Tow and Blow wind machine is the quietest wind machine on the market.  The perfect solution where frost protection is needed without disturbing neighbors.  The use of the high-efficiency Honda Engine drastically reduces engine noise compared to traditional wind machines, and the shroud around the fan almost eliminates the noise of the fan.  The Tow and Blow has been independently tested by acoustics experts at between 45dB and 50dB at 300 Yards. (Typical washing machine runs at 70dBA)

At the end of frost season, the machines can be removed from the orchard and placed under cover or out of the way.  This means no more planning an orchard’s layout around large concrete foundations and propane tanks. 

The Tow and Blow also solves many of the common problems facing farmers who rely on wind machines.  It is common when raising tree fruit to have up to one third of a farm’s acreage as non-bearing/new planting which doesn’t require frost protection.  Typically, the farmer is left with the option to leave traditional wind machines sitting out of use for 3 or more years until the trees require protection or spend thousands of dollars to have new concrete foundations poured and pay to have the machines moved.

Similarly, for farmers leasing an orchard or vineyard, you will no longer have to decide if it is worth purchasing a wind machine knowing you will have to leave it behind when you leave.  The Tow and Blow can easily be moved as your needs change.