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The Tow and Blow Wind machine is now available for use as a portable, evaporative cooling system.

Tow and Blow fan providing cooling over a crowd at the gorge

Water emitted from very fine nozzles spraying in front of the fan produces a rapid drop in temperature on hot days. All that is needed is a garden hose which attaches directly to the fan shroud and uses approximately 1/2 gallon of water per minute.

It is perfect for cooling crowds at your event, or in agriculture it effectively cools dairy cows or any animal affected by the heat.  The portability of the Tow & Blow allows it to be set up inside a shed or in the field as needed, cooling a significant area.

The air movement is strong enough to stop flies from irritating animals and humans.

Tow and Blow Cooling Cows on a hot day.

Evaporative cooling uses heat from the air to vaporize water resulting in a reduction in air temperature. Evaporative cooling can be useful even in very humid climates.

A significant amount of cooling also takes place by simply getting an animal wet and providing air flow over the animal. The water comes in contact with an animal’s skin, and as the water evaporates, heat is removed directly from the animal. 

How it Works:

Evaporation is a cooling process.  To evaporate water, heat (energy) is required. In fact, in order to evaporate a gallon of water almost 8,500 BTUs of heat are required. The heat is removed from whatever the water contacts including the air itself. As the heat is removed from the air the temperature is decreased. You can test this theory by putting your hand in a bucket of warm water, and when you pull it out, notice that your hand feels a slight chill.  This is due to evaporation.

While a hose is attached to the Tow & Blow, the machine is able to oscillate through any angle or run in one direction. The fan head can be angled as required. Tow it behind your tractor or quad to where you need to use it.