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A tow and Blow Wind Machine lowered for towing

Engine Type: 23 HP V-Twin Honda

Fuel Usage and storage: The tow and Blow is equipped with a dual-fuel system.  It can be run on either gasoline or propane.  It has an 8-gallon fuel tank for gasoline or can be hooked to any size propane tank.

The gas tank is made of Nylon Polymer which is translucent enabling you to see the fuel level in the tank from ground level. The Nylon Polymer material also reduces the potential for condensation to develop inside the fuel tank.


  • Made in Denmark out of Glass-Reinforced Polyamide.
  • Performance tested to exacting world industry standards
  • Shrouded; increasing air momentum by at least 95%
  • Unlike traditional wind machines which pull air and drive it passed gear box and tower, the Tow and Blow pushes air away from tower so no loss of air momentum due to obstruction.
  • Ability to run in constant 360° rotation, oscillation in any angle (easily set by operator), or run in a fixed direction.
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • The angle of the fan can be easily adjusted up or down for effective frost protection on hills and valleys

Noise: 45 dBA at 300 Meters. (Typical washing machine runs at 70dBA)

Portability: Tow behind a tractor to where needed; stabilize support feet to secure the position and level for operation.

Servicing: The boom is lowered to ground level to service the engine and impeller.