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Amarillo Wind Machines

Wenatchee Wind Machine Service is the North Central Washington dealer for Amarillo Wind Machines. We provide full service and replacement parts on all Amarillo ground powered and electric wind machines. Please let us show you how an Amarillo wind machine is the solution to your most demanding cold areas.

We buy and sell used wind machines

If you are in the market for a used machine or have one to sell, please give us a call.

Auto start controllers

If you have been considering an auto start system, please check us out. We use the weather resistant DynaGen auto start controller and install it in a clear sealed enclosure. The system is very reliable and simple to operate. The lighted temperature display tells you the ambient temperature at a glance. These can be installed on almost any Orchard Rite, Chinook, Amarillo, Tropic, or Crop Saver wind machine making it so that machines can start automatically when ambient temperature drops to a set point that you control. They can also replace existing autostart controllers. Please call for details.

Complete Amrillo Wind Machine in Wenatchee
Amrillo Wind Machine Engine

We buy and sell used Wind Machines.  Installed locally or shipped to your location. Give us a call